Hot Water System Gas Leak Detection

Are you seeking the most reliable hot water system leak detection and repair service in Melbourne?  Then get in touch with Gas Leak Detectors. Our licensed gas fitters are available around-the-clock to assist you with emergency gas leak detection and remediation.

Servicing Your Gas Hot Water System

Servicing your gas hot water system on a regular basis is the best way to ensure years of problem free operation. This will also keep your gas heater operating efficiently. In addition to being dangerous, a system that is poorly maintained can be costly in terms of excess energy consumption.

Gas Leak Detectors are Melbourne’s experts in quality maintenance and servicing of all the major brands of gas hot water heaters including Bosch, Dux, Rheen, Everhot, and Vulcan.  Our qualified and licensed emergency leak detectors will quickly respond to your inquiry and arrive with a well stocked service vehicle to remedy your problem.  Our technicians are prepared to receive your call 24/7.

Our technicians use the latest electronic leak detection equipment that will allow them to quickly find the root cause of your gas leak. They also have the expertise and equipment to repair your leak and get your system operational rapidly and safely.

If your hot water heater has not been serviced recently, or if it is due for a service check, get in touch with Gas Leak Detectors, to ensure your gas hot water heater is free from gas leaks and operating efficiently.

If You Suspect A Gas Leak

  • Open Doors and Windows to provide ventilation
  • Avoid operating any electrical appliance which may cause sparks
  • Turn off the gas supply valve to your water heater
  • Call Gas Leak Detectors immediately!

When we arrive we will locate the source of your gas leak and assess the condition and age of your gas water heater. We will repair the gas leak and provide you with service recommendations based upon the condition of your unit. Our technicians arrive in service vehicles that are very well stocked, so the vast majority of problems with your system can be repaired in a single visit without the need to visit a supplier for additional parts.

Why Is It Important To Periodically Service Your Gas Water Heater?

It is likely that you count on using your hot water heater on a daily basis. Like, any other device, it requires periodic maintenance.  This will decrease the probability that it will break down, optimise its efficiency, and most importantly, ensure that no dangerous gas leaks or carbon-monoxide emissions are present.

Natural gas is a cost-effective energy source, but due to its volatile nature, it is important that it is handled with respect, and that proper precautions are taken.

Common Gas Water Heater Problems

A frequent cause of gas water heater malfunction is a pilot tube that has become blocked causing the flow of gas to the pilot to be obstructed. Often times, spider webs clog the pilot tube and obstruct the gas flow.   The pilot can also be a source of natural gas leaks, particularly for older pilot systems that are not electronic.

Another common source of failure is thermocouples. Thermocouples ensure that the flow of gas is turned off when the system is not operational. Thermocouples have a limited life span, and must be replaced periodically.  Additional problems that frequently occur are faulty solenoids, ignition packs, and line strainers that are blocked.

Regardless of your gas hot water system’s age, it is a good idea to have it maintained a minimum of once in a two year period. To increase the life of your hot water heater, it’s also a good idea to make sure the sacrificial anode is replaced each time it is serviced.

Sources Of Potential Leaks

There are many potential sources of gas leaks in gas hot water systems. In a gas storage system there is a burner, pilot tube, relief valves and more. Inlets and burners will also be tested under pressure and inspected for leaks. The experts at Gas Leak Detectors Melbourne will be able to find the source of your leak and replace the faulty component or pipe.

Instantaneous gas water heating appliances also have a burner, pilot tube, diaphragm and o-rings that must be tested.

If you suspect your gas hot water heating system has a gas leak, contact our experienced gas leak detectors immediately any time of day for prompt and efficient service.


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